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British Intelligence Agencies Are Waiting for the Biggest Increase in Staff Since 2005

11/16/2015 - 16:17

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the British intelligence community (MI5, MI6 and GCHQ) intends to hire additional 2 thousand employees. Thus, the security services’ workforce will increase by 15% in total, which will be the largest replenishment of their ranks over the last decade.

Lee Davy via flickr
Lee Davy via flickr
On Monday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to increase staff of the British special services by two thousand employees in the field of intelligence and security. Thus, the authorities responded to the series of terrorist attacks, committed on Friday in Paris by militants of "Islamic state."

The current increase in the number of employees would be the largest in a decade for the British intelligence community. For the last time, such a massive recruitment of new staff into the ranks of MI5, MI6 and the Government Communications Headquarters occurred in 2005, immediately after the July bombings in London.

- This is our generation's confrontation, which requires us to allocate more human resources to the fight against those who would destroy us and our values" - The Daily Telegraph quoted Mr. Cameron. In addition, according to the Prime Minister, the government plans to increase the budget, allocated for airport security, by £ 18 million. This measure is connected not only with the terrorist attacks in Paris, but with the fall of the Russian plane over the Sinai Peninsula as well. According to the British authorities, militants of one of the terrorist organizations operating in Egypt most likely blew up A321 aircraft of «Kogalymavia» airlines. Recall that, shortly after the A321collapse, "Islamic state" took over the responsibility for the catastrophe. So far, there is no confirmation of this information.
As for security of the United Kingdom itself, then, according to Mr. Cameron, the British secret services managed to prevent seven attacks for the past six months. The planned attack were not as large as those that occurred in the French capital. However, the Prime Minister said on the air of Radio 4's that the terrorist threat remains real for the UK.

Also today, activists of the anonymous group of hackers Anonymous reacted to the terrorist attacks in Paris. Their YouTube channel published a statement in which the hackers, famous for a number of successful but controversial attacks, are declaring war on the IS. "You should know that we will find you and will not let you go. We begin major operations against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War has been declared. Get ready. The French are stronger than you are, and will come out of this tragedy even stronger,"- said a man wearing Guy Fawkes mask in the statement read out in French.

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