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Britain to Evacuate Tourists From Sharm el-Sheikh

11/05/2015 - 14:14

Britain will take urgent measures to remove their nationals from Sharm el-Sheikh, according to Head of the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, reports Sky News. According to him, the exportation will begin on Friday, 6 November.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office via flickr
Foreign and Commonwealth Office via flickr
Hammond also said he did not rule out possibility of involvement of "Islamic State" to the plane crash. Earlier, the terrorist group took over responsibility for the air disaster, and the version of the terroristic incident is being considered along with others.

The decision to evacuate was taken basing British experts’ opinion, evaluated level of security at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport yesterday. According to Hammond, there is still many things to do to ensure safety of passengers.

The previous day, Britain postponed all flights from Sharm el-Sheikh because of the authorities’ fears that the A321 could be destroyed with a bomb on board. According to Hammond, it is not yet known when the air traffic will be fully restored.

The Netherlands and Northern Ireland also reported about cancellation of flights to Sharm El Sheikh.

Before, the TV channel CNN, citing an unnamed US official, said that US intelligence agencies have suggested that the reason for the A321 collapse in Egypt is more likely to be caused by a bomb planted by "Islamic state" militants on the aircraft’s board. IG twice took the responsibility for the Russian aircraft’s collapse, but Russian Ministry of Transport called this information "inaccurate."

The airplane Airbus A321 of the Russian airline "Kogalymavia", carrying out flight from Sharm el Sheikh to St. Petersburg, crashed in the Sinai on October 31. All 224 people on board were killed. This crash was the largest in Russian and Soviet aviation history.