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Boris Johnson's office names main topic of meeting with EC Head

01/08/2020 - 03:56

The main topic of the meeting between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday will be issues related to a trade agreement between the parties after Brexit, the office of the head of the British cabinet said.

EU2017EE via flickr
EU2017EE via flickr
"It is expected that he (Prime Minister) will tell Chairman von der Leyen that the citizens of Britain and Europe have the right to wait for the timely completion of negotiations on the most important free trade agreement," the statement reads. 

It notes that Johnson should also "emphasize the importance of agreeing on a confident and positive future relationship by the end of December 2020" - that is, by the time the period of the agreement on Britain’s exit from the EU’s implementation is finished. At the same time, the British prime minister is expected to make it clear that this period will not be extended. 

“This meeting is really called upon to comprehensively discuss Britain’s exit from the European Union, and evaluate the coming year in all its dimensions,” the EC representative said earlier. 

He added that the views of von der Leyen are "very clear." Back in December, she stated that she was “seriously concerned” that if no trade agreement was reached between the UK and the EU, then enterprises could start trading on WTO terms, which potentially meant higher tariffs and barriers to trade. 

“I’m sure that she (von der Leyen) will discuss with the Prime Minister how to try to overcome these problems, and make sure that we can come up with a positive agreement at the end of the year,” the EC representative said. 

The first meeting of the British Prime Minister and the Chairman of the EC will be held in London. 


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