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Boris Johnson promises to finally deal with Brexit

11/25/2019 - 09:53

If UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party wins the election, he promises to hold a debate before Christmas and the next vote by agreement with the EU.

EU2017EE via flickr
EU2017EE via flickr
Other promises contained in the manifesto of the Conservative Party include an increase in tax on the purchase of real estate in Britain by foreigners and foreign companies.

The paper also promises not to raise income tax, VAT and national insurance fees and to allocate a significant amount of funds for retraining older people. The Sunday Times reported the day before the publication of the manifesto, citing its sources, that the Conservatives would abandon Teresa May’s obligation not to cut back on the army. 

The main promise is the introduction of a bill on the Brexit deal with the EU in record time. “My pre-Christmas gift to the country will be return of the bill to parliament before the holidays and return of parliament to serve the people,” Johnson said.

UK general elections will be held on December 12th. Conservatives seek to implement Brexit on January 31, Liberal Democrates advocate for EU membership, Labor promises a new referendum. The early elections were the result of a political crisis over Brexit.