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Boris Johnson is getting close to UK Prime Minister position

06/14/2019 - 09:45

On Thursday, British conservative parliamentarians were electing their party leader and, accordingly, the prime minister of Great Britain. It was possible to weed out three outsiders, and the remaining seven will continue to fight for the post of Head of Government in the next rounds until the end of July. The favorite of this race is Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and the former foreign minister.

On Thursday, a multi-stage procedure for the election of a future prime minister of the kingdom was launched in Britain. 313 deputies of the House of Commons from the Conservative Party vote for the new leader. The election is built on the principle of a knockout game: after ten people ran as candidates with minimal support, the MPs will have to distribute their votes in several rounds in such a way as to weed out the least popular candidates. On Thursday, three politicians dropped out of the game at once - they failed to gain the necessary 17 votes. In the next rounds, the passing barrier will increase from 5% to 10%, that is, to 33 votes. It is expected that the new leader of the Conservatives will be determined in the twentieth of July.

Recall, the country has to elect Head of the British Cabinet of Ministers after Teresa May on 24 May admitted failure of her attempts to assist in Brexit, and declared her readiness to abandon leadership of the Conservative Party (and therefore, to leave the post of Prime Minister). So far, she continues to perform her duties as PM, but formally she has already left the post of the Conservatives leader.

On Thursday, during the first round of the election of a new leader out of the remaining seven, the most votes - 114 - were received by former foreign minister Boris Johnson. He is followed by the current Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt (43 votes), as well as the Minister of Environment and Agriculture Michael Gove (37 votes).

Among all the candidates, Boris Johnson is the one who looks like one of the most determined politicians that are ready to leave the EU on October 31 even without an agreement.

“After three years, during which we were twice unable to meet the deadlines, we must leave the European Union on October 31,” he said on Wednesday, the day before the voting in the House of Commons. “Brexit without a deal is not my goal. But it will be responsible to prepare for such an outcome, to prepare seriously and thoroughly.” “I think it will be very difficult, in fact, I believe that it is impossible to do this by October 31st. And I do not think that movement to the edge of the abyss at full speed will meet our national interests,” acting Finance Minister Philip Hammond has already responded to this statement.