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Bombardier to hold a sale

10/17/2017 - 07:38

Bloomberg reports that Bombardier’s management is now looking for investors ready to buy back part of the company's assets. According to sources, the case in hand is Bombardier Q400 and CRJ regional planes. The Canadian manufacturer is forced to sell the assets to cover the costs associated with the possible introduction by the US administration of a 300% duty on Bombardier CSeries aircraft.

The Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier is looking for investors for its aerospace business and is considering selling some of its assets. Bloomberg reported this citing several sources who are familiar with the situation in the company. Among the assets being sold are the lines of regional aircraft Q400 and CRJ. At the same time, Airbus Group is among the potential buyers.

The Canadian manufacturer is forced to seek additional sources of financing because of the sanctions imposed by the United States. In late September, the US Department of Commerce announced the completion of its own investigation into Bombardier, which was started because of Boeing's complaint. The American aircraft company accused Bombardier of dumping. The reason for suspicion was that Delta Air Lines refused to purchase 18 Boeing 737 aircraft for $ 4 billion, but at the same time signed a contract with a Canadian manufacturer to purchase 75 CS100 aircraft for a total of $ 5.6 billion. Boeing considered that price for one Canadian aircraft amounts to $ 33.3 million, and not $ 19.6 million, as it was stated by the company in a deal with Delta. The American company is confident that such a significant reduction in the price of airplanes became possible due to subsidies from Bombardier by the Canadian authorities. As a result, the US Department of Commerce confirmed Boeing's claims and at first decided to impose a compensatory customs duty on Bombardier CSeries aircraft at a rate of 219.63%, and raised this bar to 299.55% in early October.

Bombardier itself does not comment rumors around the possible sale of a part of the assets. According to Bloomberg sources, the Canadian manufacturer is considering options for cooperation with other companies. In this case, there is the option that negotiations for the sale of assets will not end with a deal - much will depend on the final decision of the US International Trade Commission, which is expected to be revealed no earlier than in the beginning of 2018.