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Boeing updated records of deliveries in 2017

01/10/2018 - 13:42

Boeing Corporation became the largest supplier of commercial aircraft in the world for the sixth consecutive time. The company also signed contracts for the delivery of another 912 aircraft for a total of $ 134.8 billion. Its main competitor, Airbus, will publish its data on supplies and orders next week, but analysts do not expect that its performance will be higher than that of Boeing.

Prayitno via flickr
Prayitno via flickr
The American corporation Boeing has published data on the deliveries of commercial airplanes made in 2017 and on the received new orders for delivery. In the statement, the company notes that it broke its own record in 2015, delivering 763 aircraft to customers in 2017. Thus, it was the sixth time in a row when Boeing became the world's largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft. In addition, last year, Boeing signed contracts with 71 customers for subsequent deliveries of 912 aircraft with a total value of $ 134.8 billion. The company's total order book also reached a record level of 5864 aircraft, which will require six to seven years of production and supply.

Boeing 737 is in the greatest demand. Over the past year, the company has delivered 529 such aircraft, including 74 new 737 Max. In the production of its popular model 737, the company reached the level of 47 aircraft monthly. This year, it is planned to increase this figure to 52 aircraft per month, and in 2019 - to 57.

The second most popular model is the 787 Dreamliner, which is produced monthly in a quantity of 12 pieces. From 2019 the production will be increased to 14 aircraft per month. Over the past year, customers received 136 Dreamliners. In addition, Boeing delivered 74 aircraft of model 777, 14 aircraft of model 747 and 10 cargo modifications of 767. According to estimates of Avitas consulting company, the cost of customers received aircraft is about $ 60 billion. Vice President of Boeing Randy Tinseth says that the largest orders came from the budget and about 40% of orders came from the Asian region.

The main rival of the American manufacturer - the European company Airbus - will publish its data on orders and deliveries next Monday. As of the end of November, Airbus delivered 591 aircraft to customers, and experts doubt that the European manufacturer managed to bypass Boeing for the remainder of the year.

Boeing shares on the New York Stock Exchange reacted to the publication of data by an increase of 2.7%. In total for last year, shares of the company have shown growth approximately on 100%.

According to Boeing’s forecast, world airlines will need 41,030 airliners with a total cost of $ 6.1 trillion in the next 20 years. Airbus expects to deliver 34,170 new passenger and 730 cargo aircraft with a total listing value of $ 5.3 trillion. At the same time, both companies believe that the lion's share of demand will be for narrow-bodied cars.

Boeing produces a wide range of civil and military aircraft, develops space programs. The structure of Boeing operates two large divisions - Boeing Commercial Airplanes, engaged in the construction of civil aircraft, and Integrated Defense Systems, which performs space and military programs.