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Boeing stops deliveries of 737 MAX

03/14/2019 - 14:44

Boeing Aviation Corporation cut off shipments of its 737 MAX airliners after their flights were banned in the United States. Previously, almost all countries of the world refused to use the aircraft, and a number of states closed their airspace for this model, sources in the company said.

The Lamb Family via flickr
The Lamb Family via flickr
The bans were caused by a plane crash in Ethiopia, when 157 people died, and the earlier accident in Indonesia, which killed almost 190 people. "Who would buy an aircraft that cannot be used?" - one of the sources told.

The corporation produces 52 airliners per month, but sources did not specify how many of them make up the Boeing 737 MAX family.

However, according to them, the company keeps producing this model at a plant near Seattle, and plans to increase production from June. Manufacturers avoid production shutdowns, as this disrupts the supply chain and can lead to large-scale problems.

Operation of all aircraft of the Boeing-737 MAX family is temporarily suspended. The last aircraft of this family, which was in the sky, landed at Canadian Halifax airport. It was an Air Canada flight from San Francisco.

Boeing itself supported the decision of the US authorities to impose a temporary ban on flights of type 737 MAX aircraft, but expressed full confidence in their safety.

"Boeing is still fully confident in the safety of 737 MAX aircraft," the company said in a statement. “We support this preventive step as a precautionary measure,” said Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg commenting on the temporary ban imposed by the United States.

According to him, the main priority of Boeing is aircraft safety. “We are doing everything possible to understand causes of air crashes together with the investigators,” he added.

Meanwhile, the US Federal Aviation Administration officially announced suspension of operation of the Boeing 737 MAX. Initially, this step was announced by US President Donald Trump. "The United States Federal Aviation Administration has temporarily banned Boeing 737 MAX flights operated by US airlines or on the territory of the US airspace," the department said in a statement. It states that such a decision was made taking into account "data collected at the scene (the plane crash in Ethiopia) and analyzed today."