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Boeing resumes production of 737 MAX

05/29/2020 - 07:18

Boeing re-launched production of 737 MAX liners. Their flights, and then production were suspended after two disasters, the victims of which were 346 people.

Global Panorama
Global Panorama
Boeing resumed production of 737 MAX aircraft at a plant in Renton, Wash., reads the company’s. The aircraft will be produced at a slow pace, since the company must apply more than a dozen innovations to improve the safety of employees and the quality of liners. However, the assembly speed will gradually increase throughout the year.

“We have come a long way to improve our production system and make it even stronger. Our initiative is the next step in creating the optimal environment for the 737 MAX assembly,” said Vice President Walt Odisho, who runs the 737 MAX program.

Production of the 737 MAX was suspended after liners all over the world stopped flying. The reason was the crash in Indonesia and Ethiopia with a difference of five months, which killed 346 people. Due to the crisis, the company's CEO Dennis Mühlenburg left his post.