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Boeing offers aircraft to Iran

04/12/2016 - 12:25

During a business visit to Iran, representatives of Boeing held the first after the sanctions regime’s change negotiations with the Iranian airlines about a possible sale of commercial airplanes and aviation services. According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the negotiators discussed Boeing 777, 787 and 737 models among other things. Iran badly needs them since the biggest part of the country’s air fleet was purchased more than 25 years ago.

Prayitno via flickr
Prayitno via flickr
As reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA, the representatives of Boeing and Iranian airlines, including the chief of the Iranian airline Iran Air, discussed the issues of logistical support for the aircraft used in Iran. According to the Secretary of the Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association (IASIA) Maqsood As'adi Samani, it was, in particular, the provision of spare parts and other services, including assistance in addressing flight safety issues. Mr. Samani added that Boeing has offered Iran Boeing 737, 787 and 777. Iranian companies "intend to study the proposal and make a decision based on their own and national interests," said the agency.

As reported on these negotiations at Boeing itself, its representatives "discussed the possibility of selling commercial passenger aircraft and after-sales service to those Iranian air companies, which have been approved by the US government." At the same time, the negotiations haven’t delivered any formal agreements so far. Commenting to Bloomberg, spokesman for Boeing John Dern said that all talk with the Iranian side are "carefully negotiated" with the US government. And any company's agreement with Iran will also have to obtain the approval of the US authorities. The talks "gave a better understanding of the condition of the companies’ existing fleet, structure of routes and their plans for the future," said Mr. Dern, adding that they have discussed "the support provided to companies using commercial Boeing aircraft, as well as payload of the aircraft, range of their flight, configuration of salons, fuel consumption" and other issues.

Iran is in dire need of replenishment and renewal of its fleet. Only 150 of 250 commercial aircraft existing in the country are operating now. As for the other, there are no ready spares for them, since the years of sanctions kept suppliers away from the country. The majority of the Iranian aircraft were purchased over 25 years ago, and Boeing planes used in Iran now were bought before the 1979 Islamic revolution. Once the Western sanctions, imposed because of Iran's nuclear program, were removed, the Iranian authorities have announced their intention to purchase 400 or even more new aircraft in the next few years. The country need the machines to meet demand for passenger air transportation market. In January, Iran aired that it has signed an agreement with Airbus Group to buy 118 aircraft - from small ones to large Airbus A380, worth a total of $ 27 billion.


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