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Bloomberg: Apple to register trademark for VR headset

08/30/2022 - 11:02

Apple plans to file for multiple trademarks in preparation for its future mixed reality headset. Bloomberg cites the company's applications that were submitted in the EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay.

The agency claims that Apple wants to simultaneously register the three new names Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor. According to Bloomberg, the applications were submitted through a network of offshore businesses and law firms that Apple has previously used to register trademarks.

The company declined to respond to the agency's request for comment.

Bloomberg claims that Apple products are occasionally referred to as Reality, which could mean that this moniker will end up being used for the final product. For the operating system of Apple's mixed reality headset, RealityOS, a U.S. trademark application was submitted in May.

The AR/VR headset will be made available to the general public no early than 2023. According to Bloomberg, the device experienced camera, software, and overheating issues throughout development.