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Beyond Meat founder backs meat tax idea

08/03/2021 - 04:00

The founder of Beyond Meat, the world's largest plant-based meat producer, supported the idea of a tax on animal meat. He believes it would encourage people to reduce their consumption of animal products and help them invest more in plant-based protein.

Marco Verch
Marco Verch
Ethan Brown, the founder and chief executive of Beyond Meat, the world's biggest plant-based meat producer, has spoken out in favour of introducing a tax on consumption of animal-based meat. He has expressed his position in a conversation with the BBC.

According to Brown, the tax would encourage people to reduce consumption of meat and other animal products. It would also help emerging markets invest more in plant-based protein production, the BBC wrote citing Brown's words. The top manager said he generally supports taxes on activities that have a negative effect on society. 

According to Brown, people are already starting to consciously choose to reduce their consumption of animal meat. The entrepreneur claims that 93% of Beyond Meat burger customers purchase animal protein products at the same time. This means that Beyond Meat is being chosen by an increasingly wide range of people. Brown suggests that this is done by consumers who are aware of the health effects of animal proteins or the impact of animal farming on the climate, or who dislike industrial animal farming.

Critics of the idea of a meat tax believe it will raise the cost of living, the BBC noted. Morningstar financial analyst Rebecca Scheuneman said that a meat consumption tax would benefit companies such as Beyond Meat. However, she noted, the price gap is already narrowing on both sides, with plant-based meat getting cheaper and animal meat getting more expensive. One reason is the coronavirus pandemic, but limited resources and growing demand for meat will keep meat prices rising going forward, the expert said.