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Bank applications will stop working on Huawei and Honor smartphones

08/17/2020 - 10:40

The temporary license that the US government issued to an American business to work with Chinese companies Huawei and Honor expired on August 13. This will stop banking and payment applications and a number of video games on the company's devices.

In the absence of such permission from the US authorities, Google cannot work with gadgets of these brands.

When issuing such a document, Washington did not think about the devices already purchased by users from Chinese companies.

This decision by the authorities should have given time for businesses in the United States to replace telecommunications equipment, abandoning Huawei. And in fact, it affected ordinary users of gadgets.

The US Department of Commerce will not issue new licenses for Chinese businesses, and Google will not provide security updates for Chinese gadgets. Without such updates, Huawei and Honor smartphones that have already been purchased by users will not be able to pass SafetyNet certification, as a result of which banking and payment applications and some games will stop working.