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BNY Mellon's net income falls by 32 percent in January-September

10/18/2022 - 09:40

An industry leader in asset management and securities services, Bank of New York Mellon Financial Corp. (BNY Mellon), reported that its shareholders' share of net income declined by 32% to $1.853 billion in the first three quarters of the year.

Can Pac Swire
Can Pac Swire
After $3.14 in January through September of last year, diluted earnings per common share were $2.28 this year.

Earnings of BNY Mellon increased by 4.56% to $12.459 billion.

The third quarter net income for BNY Mellon was $319 million, a 1.6 times decrease from the previous year. The diluted earnings per share decreased from $1.04 to $0.39.

The quarterly revenue for BNY Mellon increased by 6% to $4.279 billion. $4.2 billion was the estimate of analysts.