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BCG: Apple means innovation

01/19/2018 - 13:26

For more than ten years, heads of thousands of companies from different countries and industries have been naming Apple the most innovative company in the world. Google has just as consistently followed the company. Recently, however, the top 10 of this rating have undergone major changes, among which, for example, the emergence of the Chinese online retailer Alibaba, the first time generally included in the list of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. In general, the study notes, the leaders of companies began to pay much more attention to innovation.

Jamie McCall
Jamie McCall
According to a survey of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), conducted among more than a thousand directors for innovation companies representing a variety of countries and a variety of industries, the most innovative companies in the world in 2017 were Apple, Google and Microsoft. At the same time, Apple has held the first place since 2005, and Google’s position after the iPhone manufacturer has been unchanged since 2006. The last year rating featured Tesla on the third line, but it takes only the sixth place in the new report. Now the third innovative company in the world, according to experts, is Microsoft.

As noted in the report, 11 out of 50 companies were founded already in the digital age, which means that they offered digital products and services from the very beginning. This year, the top 10 included two more digital companies: the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group, which for the first time was in the top 50 of the BCG rating, and the mobile taxi service Uber.

The BCG survey showed that companies began to pay more attention to the four components of digital innovation: the analysis of large data, the speed of introduction of new technologies, mobile products and opportunities, and digital design. "At the same time, innovation directors considered other areas of innovation - such as new products and new services - secondary," the report said.

The most innovative country is still the United States. 27 companies out of the top 50 in the new ranking are American. Europe has strengthened its position compared to 2016, featuring 16 representatives of this region instead of 10 in the last year. The headquarters of seven of them are located in Germany.