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Australia to build the world's largest pumped storage hydropower

09/29/2022 - 10:36

According to Sky News, the Australian state of Queensland has unveiled plans to erect the largest pumped storage hydroelectric power project by 2035.

Serghei Starus
Serghei Starus
"The project is a leader in the field of renewable energy worldwide. We are aware that climate change is a worry for Queenslanders, and the government has now taken a decisive action to address this issue," Annastacia Palaszczuk, the premier of Queensland, said reporters.

The hydroelectric project, according to Sky News, is a component of Queensland's $62 billion energy reform program.

Pumped storage hydroelectric power facilities are able to "adapt" to the demand for electricity, it is stated. They contain potential energy that can be stored and produced. For instance, water is held in the upper of the two reservoirs when energy prices and demand are low. Gravity does the most of the work, making energy generation affordable and effective. Water is redirected back into the lower reservoir when prices and demand increase.