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Audi top manager pleads guilty in Dieselgate case

05/04/2023 - 10:00

Rupert Stadler, a former top management of Audi (a division of the Volkswagen Group), pleaded guilty in exchange for a suspended sentence in the "Dieselgate" case, where the automaker underreported actual air pollution, Die Welt reported.

ITU Pictures
ITU Pictures
Rupert Stadler, a former executive of Audi, has consented to testify in the diesel scandal case. The newspaper quoted the attorney who represented the senior manager's defense in court as saying, "He will receive a suspended sentence if he confesses and pays the fine."

Stadler plans to plead guilty in two weeks. The senior manager could receive a suspended sentence of around 1.5 years and a fine of €1.1 million if he reaches a deal with the investigators.

According to the inquiry, Stadler authorized the sale of the vehicles until 2018 while being aware in 2016 that he was underestimating the real emissions of numerous pollutants into the atmosphere.



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