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AstraZeneca pays up to $6B to jointly develop cancer drug with Daiichi Sankyo

07/28/2020 - 06:36

British AstraZeneca Plc and Japanese Daiichi Sankyo Co. agreed to jointly develop the drug DS-1062. The medicine is considered very promising for the fight against a number of oncological diseases.

As follows from the statement of the companies, AstraZeneca will pay $ 1 billion for the possibility of developing and testing the drug and up to $ 5 billion - after receiving the result and all the necessary approvals from the supervisory authorities.

The deal with the Japanese company allows AstraZeneca to intensify its efforts to become a global giant in cancer control. Last year, the company already agreed with Daiichi to pay $ 6.9 billion for the joint development of another anti-cancer drug.

In turn, for Daiichi, cooperation with the British pharmaceutical giant is an opportunity to completely forget the history of manipulations in the Indian division and increase its weight. According to Bloomberg, since the previous agreement with the British, the shares of the Japanese company have risen by 70%. Daiichi Sakyo shares rose 2.98% in Tokyo.


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