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Assange released from prison in the UK

06/25/2024 - 11:33

The social networking platform said that the founder of WikiLeaks has been freed from a UK prison.

Peter Erichsen
Peter Erichsen
"Julian Assange is at liberty. He spent 1901 days in the maximum-security Belmarsh prison before leaving on June 24 in the morning, according to a statement from the WikiLeaks company.

It is reported that Assange was granted bail by the London High Court.

"In the afternoon he was released at Stansted airport, where he boarded a plane and flew out of the UK," the company stated.

After protracted talks with the US Justice Department, WikiLeaks confirmed that a settlement had been reached, although it had not yet been "formally finalized".

"As he returns to Australia, we thank everyone who stood by us, fought for us and remained fully committed in the fight for his freedom", wrote the company.

The founder of WikiLeaks reportedly reached a plea deal with US President Joe Biden's government earlier, which would spare him from being imprisoned in the country.

Assange will enter a guilty plea as part of the agreement to obtain and distribute national defense secrets unlawfully, according to The Hill.

Prosecutors from the Justice Department will request a 62-month prison term under the terms of the new agreement, which is the same amount of time Assange spent in a London maximum-security facility.


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