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Artificial intelligence brings 20% of revenue to BCG consulting company

04/26/2024 - 07:41

In an interview with the Financial Times, Christoph Schweizer, the CEO of the global consulting firm BCG, stated that his company anticipates making $12 billion in revenue this year, with 20% of that amount coming from artificial intelligence (AI) consulting.

Bob Mical
Bob Mical
The manager clarified that this was a reference to advisory services related to integrating AI into the operations of BCG's client companies. Furthermore, by 2026, these AI-related services might account for up to 40% of BCG's overall earnings.

According to Mr. Schweizer, an increasing number of businesses are starting to fully integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations rather than only experimenting with it. Tech behemoths like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI are among BCG's clients; these companies not only create AI internally, but also use it in their daily operations.

Speaking of generative AI, Mr. Schweizer remarked, "We've never seen such a rapid transformation of a technology from experimentation to actual implementation."