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Apple to Expand Staff Number in Ireland

11/11/2015 - 17:10

Apple Inc. decided to expand its office staff in Ireland for a thousand people, reports Reuters referring to the Irish Agency for Investment IDA.

The number of employees at the office in Cork will be increased by the middle of 2017. Now the Irish subsidiary employs five thousand people. IDA noted that the staff had grown by a thousand people by last year as well.

Reuters notes that the iPhone maker intends to strengthen its presence in Ireland in the run-up to the European Commission decision on tax preferences that were granted Apple by the Irish authorities. Last year, the European regulators accused the corporation of illegal use of the privileges that allowed the company to significantly reduce the tax burden.

It is expected that the European Commission will decide on tax litigation with Apple before the end of this year. In late October, the regulator issued the first ruling on similar cases concerning preferences for taxes provided to the carmaker Fiat in Luxembourg and Starbucks coffee shop chain in the Netherlands. The European Commission has concluded that benefits for the company are illegal, and each of them is obliged to pay taxes in amount of € 20-30 million.

Representation of Apple in Ireland was opened in 1980. Here the American company records most of its profits, as corporate tax in Ireland is significantly lower than in the United States.

In early October, fair taxation Center (Citizens for Tax Justice) and the Educational Foundation of the Consumer Protection (US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund) reported that 500 largest US corporations hid in their offshore subsidiaries more than $ 2.1 trillion for tax optimization. It was noted that Apple holds $ 181.4 billion of profit in foreign subsidiaries.