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Apple steps up work on its own search engine

11/02/2020 - 04:27

American company Apple has accelerated the development of its own Internet search engine to replace Google's search engine. This was reported by the Financial Times with reference to sources in the industry.

Google is currently paying Apple about $8-12 billion a year to install the Google search engine as the default search engine on all iOS devices manufactured by Apple. Competition authorities in the United States and several other countries are testing this practice, believing it to be anticompetitive.

The Financial Times report says that Apple is preparing for a possible ban on such relationships with Google. In this case, Apple may release its own search engine, which the industry has been talking about for several years.

It is noted that in 2018 Apple poached John Giannandrea, head of search at Google. Apple said that this move would help to expand the capabilities of Siri's virtual assistant, but another area of his work could be to create an alternative search engine.

This is also evidenced by the latest changes in the operating system for iPhone smartphones. In iOS 14 version, Apple has started showing its own search results and directly linking to Internet resources when users enter queries from its home screen.