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Apple sets to produce 85 million iPhones

07/25/2023 - 03:40

According to the agency, these numbers are about in line with those from the previous year.

The American company Apple will create 85 million iPhone 15 devices in 2023 approximately in keeping with prior years' production levels.

Despite a forecasted decline in the smartphone industry, the corporation is "aiming to hold shipments steady," according to the statistics. The company is also "considering raising the price of its Pro line of smartphone models."

Apple also intended to build about 90 million smartphones in 2022 and 2021, but the pandemic and the chip market problem prevented it from meeting its goals. The world's most valuable business, Apple, has reinforced its position and maintained its title this year, as its share price increased by about 50% and its market capitalization surpassed $3 trillion.