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Apple sets to increase production in India fivefold in 4-5 years

09/26/2023 - 10:49

According to the Press Trust of India, which cited anonymous sources in the Indian government, U.S. Apple Inc. aims to boost its production in India by more than five times over the course of the next four to five years, to reach nearly $40 billion.

Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar
They claim that during the most recent fiscal year, which concluded in March, the business produced more smartphones than the $7 billion milestone.

Apple makes iPhones in India and intends to start making AirPods headphones the next year. On the day of its global introduction in September, the US corporation presented the iPhone 15 built in India for the first time.

In an April meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirmed the company's long-term commitment to establishing a significant manufacturing center in the nation by pledging to increase its presence and investment, The Indian Times reported previously.