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Apple's users will be offered to register in donor database

07/06/2016 - 16:49

Apple is going release an update that will allow iPhone owners to register in the donor base. The company thinks this would help solve the problem of shortage of donors. By the way, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs encountered the same problem.

Apple is going to offer millions of iPhone users to register themselves as organ donors. Such an opportunity will appear in smartphones after the forthcoming upgrade, reports Associated Press.

The corresponding function will be present in the "Health" app, which is pre-installed on all iPhones. This will allow US users to get into the national donor database.

Apple itself hopes that the new feature will at least partially help solve the problem of donors shortage. CEO Tim Cook reminded the AP that back in 2009, Apple was managed by its founder Steve Jobs, who has long been waiting for a liver transplant.

Updates for the iPhone should come out this fall. Tim Cook said earlier that the September update of iOS for iPhone and iPad will be "the largest in its history."

Changes will touch many built-in applications system. The iMessage service will feature video viewing, send payments and photo editing. In addition, developers can embed Siri voice assistant into other applications, which would facilitate voice control.

Organ transplantation is a common operation in the United States. Nowadays, there are approximately 120,000 Americans in the queue for the operation. A new patient is added to the waiting list Every ten minutes.

Apple pays careful attention to health of users. Your life is fraught with stress and mood swings? Use Breathe. Love sports and leisure? Apple Watch is your choice. Poor sleep at night and complain of falling vision? There's nothing like Night Shift, which, incidentally, may soon appear on other devices of the company.

So-called "night" mode, which allows users to change the display’s color gamma to a warm or cold depending on the time of day, will soon be presented on Mac, Apple Watch and even CarPlay. According to The Next Web, Apple Inc. have already filed an application for registration of the respective trademark, fixing its exclusive right to use this function on computers and smart watches. The patent’s effect shall also apply to table lamps, televisions, and even fire extinguishers.