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Apple patented a paper bag

09/20/2016 - 16:05

Apple has filed patents not only on various high-tech devices and software. Now, the company’s portfolio includes a patent on an ordinary paper bag with flexible handles, reports The Verge.

Some might suggest that, perhaps, the bag is crammed with electronics, sensors, GPS, Bluetooth, a processor and software that transmits information on an iPhone paired with the bag. However, it’s not like that. The patent was filed on a regular paper bag.

The patent application was filed in March 2016 but became available to the public only now. Apple itself called the new invention a "bag". The bag’s feature is white paper, 60% of which consist of recycled materials. Apple emphasize that the rate is less than 50% for other eco bags.

The application also indicated specific adhesives, certain special materials and design. Handles of the bag are made of paper fibers.

Apple is actively working on introduction of environmentally friendly technologies and products. For an instance the company introduced Liam robot for iPhone disassembly and sorting of components at the March event in San Francisco.

However, investors now are focused not on Apple’s bags, but on what the company puts into them. iPhone 7 has recently appeared on shelves. In 2016, its supply could exceed 100 million units, predicted the South Korean analysts. So far, the new model has been in a higher-than-expected demand, which experts are linking to revocation of Galaxy Note 7 flagship smartphone due to battery explosion. 

In particular, an analyst of IBK investment & Securities wrote in a September note to investors that Korean suppliers of components for the iPhone 7 initially assessed amounts of Apple smartphone shipments to 80-85 million units. Now, they have increased the forecast to 17-25%, and it is believed that the market will get more than 100 million new Apple smartphones up to end of 2016.

His counterpart from Kiwoom Securities predicts that iPhone 7 will surpass sales figures of the previous version of iPhone 6S. The expert drew attention to the fact that initial batch of smartphones has already been sold out in a number of key markets, including the US, China and Great Britain.

Analysts believe that popularity of the iPhone 7 will positively affect the financial results of Apple’s South Korean partners, such as LG Display and LG InnoTek. The first supplies displays for smartphones, and the second is responsible for making dual cameras for iPhone 7 Plus.