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Apple brings Steve Jobs’ brainchild into existence

02/24/2017 - 17:29

Apple announced that Apple Park, a new campus area of over 70 hectares, opens its doors in April. Relocation of employees – there are more than 12 thousand of them – will take more than six months. At the same time, construction of buildings and park area will continue through the summer.

Apple Park campus, conceived by Steve Jobs as a center of creativity and collaboration, turned kilometers of asphalt in a green island in the middle of the valley of Santa Clara. The main building of the campus area covers 26 hectares. The facility is ring-shaped and covered with the world's largest curved glass panels.

Steve Jobs would have been '62 this Friday, February 24. Paying tribute to the memory of his respect, his contribution to Apple’s development and the influence he has had on the world, the company’s management named one of the premises Steve Jobs Theater. The theater will be opened later this year. Entrance to the auditorium for 1 thousand seats is a 6 meters’ tall glass cylinder; the roof is made of carbon fiber. Steve Jobs Theater is located on a hilltop, one of the most elevated points in Apple Park’s, overlooking the park area and the main campus building.

"Apple’s concept, a brainchild of Steve Jobs, continues to exist even now. He wanted Apple Park to become a center of innovation for future generations. - said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. - Working space and park areas are designed with the environment in mind and we expect that they will inspire our employees. We have managed to build one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world of its kind, and the entire campus will be fully provided with renewable energy. " 

Apple Park campus consists of an information center with Apple Store and cafe, open to everyone, a fitness center for Apple employees of about 9300 square meters, restricted areas for research and development, and Steve Jobs Theater. The park’s area has walking and jogging paths for employees with total length more than 3 km, a garden and lawn with a pond located near the main building.

Apple in collaboration with Foster + Partners turned more than 46 hectares of asphalt and concrete into green fields. The partners planted more than 9 thousand drought-resistant trees, and every facility located on this territory objects will be supported by fully renewable energy. Solar PVs of 17 MW, located on Apple Park’s roofs, represent one of the world's largest solar power plant, located directly in an organization. The main building is also one of the largest in the world with a natural ventilation that do not require heating and cooling during nine months of the year.