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Apple accused of violating users' rights in France

03/10/2021 - 02:57

The French association France Digitale, which defends the interests of local technology start-ups and venture capitalists, has claimed that the US corporation Apple is violating EU legislation on the protection of user data.

Sébastien Bertrand | Flickr
Sébastien Bertrand | Flickr
In a statement that was made available to Reuters, it said that while the latest version of iOS 14 asks users whether they are willing to allow apps installed on their mobile devices to capture basic identities for targeting ads, "the default setting allows Apple itself to run its own ad campaigns without explicitly telling users about it.

The association considers this a breach of EU law on user privacy, as all organisations have a duty to clearly inform their customers about data collection and ask their permission to do so. France Digitale also believes that the location-tracking functionality on Apple devices allows it to share the data it collects with other companies without first notifying users. 

"We understand that this is a bit like a David and Goliath battle, but we are determined," said the association's head, Nicolas Brien, who added that his association would take its complaint to the French regulator, CNIL, which is responsible for protecting users' personal data.

Apple has said that the charges against it are unfounded. "The allegations set out in the complaint are false and will be seen as an attempt by those who themselves monitor users to divert attention from their own activities and mislead regulators," the company said in a statement.