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An Issue between Obama and Texas

06/19/2015 - 19:19

By the middle of his second term, Barack Obama became the most unpopular leader in the USA for the entire post-war history. For many Americans, especially in conservative states, he is the personification of all the terrible, that only can be in politics. The next confirmation, that the President is not only loved, but also not considered capable of solving the problems, was the incident with Obama's trip to Texas.

Chuck Kennedy (Official White House photo)
Chuck Kennedy (Official White House photo)
Barack Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry treat each other, to put it mildly, without much sympathy – and a great example of this was an incident during the president’s trip to the Lone Star State. The tradition dictates to welcome the head of state at the ramp, but instead, the Republican Perry sent a rather meagre letter:
- Thank you for inviting me to meet you at the airport in Austin, but a brief handshake at the ramp will not allow to discuss the humanitarian crisis and the crisis in the field of national security, which is now deployed in the valley of the Rio Grande in South Texas.

To understand the reason of the governor’s walkout in protest, it is necessary to bear in mind Rick Perry’s biography features and the specifics of the state he is leading.

In 2009, Rasmussen Reports carried out a study which showed that only 18 percent of Texans would like to see their state outside the United States (against the favored 75 percent). Whilst, every third respondent said that, in principle, Texas has the right to be independent. Party The majority of the separatists was found among the supporters of the Republican (48 per cent)

The reason for the study was the statement of Rick Perry. Speaking at the rally of opponents of raising taxes (the most important topic for the Republicans), he explicitly said he does not exclude the separation of Texas from the United States.
- Texas is a unique place. When we became a member of the United States in 1845, one of the conditions was being able to leave the union if we want to. I hope that America and Washington will pay attention to it. We have a great country, and we have no reason to dissolve our union. But if Washington continues to pry into the affairs of the American people, who knows how it would end, - he said Perry showed under the cheers.

What explains the popularity of separatist ideas among the Texans? Firstly, historical reasons. This state is the only one that joined the United States as a sovereign state. Accordingly, the Texans argue, if once we were a separate country, it means that we can quit again, if desired.

But the contemporary realities are much more important than these things of bygone days. Texas is a special state. In terms of population it is second only to California, and by the size - only Alaska. Also, Texas is an economically super successful state – and the reason is not only the deposits of hydrocarbons. 50 Texas companies are represented in the list of Fortune Global 500 (rating of the largest companies in the world by revenues). The state is a major exporter of goods to the US, the turnover of its trade with other countries is more than $ 100 billion a year. If Texas was a separate country, it would have had (as of 2012) the 14th largest economy in the world by GDP, ahead of countries such as South Korea and the Netherlands.
This not only serves as a cause for Texans pride for their small home, but also leads them to another thought: Do we, with such a success and well-being, really need the Washington government? It is necessary to clarify that in the Republicans regard federal center as a monster that violates the rights of citizens, interfering in their personal lives and constantly raising taxes, which then do not go to something useful for the hard-working and law-abiding Americans, but to the needs of the idlers and illegals.

The residents of the Red states of watch in horror what is happening in the Blue (Democratic support) states. While the latter to legalize same-sex marriage, the first are trying to defend the right to consider their family only the union of man and woman. In Texas, three-quarters of citizens in a referendum supported such an interpretation of marriage in 2005. Texas school children are still taught that homosexuality is a crime (though legally as such it is no longer in the state in 2003).

Barack Obama himself became the personification of all the awful for many Texans. The most conservative of them consider him not just a political opponent, but an evil concentrated. Black Democrat in the White House – isn’t it a nightmare come true for a God-fearing white conservative?

In a sense, the essence of Texas Republicans’ attitude to Obama was expressed in the election campaign video 2012 by one of the living symbols of state - Chuck Norris. The actor, who played tough Ranger Walker, then urged Americans not to re-elect the Democratic president for a second term, because otherwise America will be on the road to the "millennium of darkness."
Obama’s migration policy raises especially "warm" feelings in Texans. Actually, Rick Perry’s refusal to meet Obama at the airport, is connected precisely with this issue. The governor has repeatedly reported to the president that the situation on the Mexican border is terrible. Currently, 180,000 illegal immigrants are in detention camps for illegal border crossing. There’s not enough place for them. At the time, many migrants die on the way to the US, the border guards come across their graves from time to time. The border services have not enough power to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drug trafficking. This situation, according to Perry, is not less than a humanitarian catastrophe. In this regard, he urged the head of state to personally look at what is happening in the state’s border areas.

But Obama did not do this, saying that such a trip is not necessary since he already knows what's going on in the border. These words angered even his party’s members.

And Rick Perry simply stated:
- For over two years, we are trying to attract the attention of the administration to this issue. I do not think he (Obama) is concerned about whether the border is protected or not.

But the fact that the president does not want to look at what is happening at the border, or to be engaged seriously in its consolidation, is not so bad. Much worse, the Conservatives believe that he is going to legalize the 11 million people who are now illegally resting in the United States. After the reforms initiated by Obama, they first receive a residence permit and later citizenship.

It would seem, well, what of it? Anyway, you cannot overfish and departure everyone. At least, they would pay taxes after the reform. But Republicans do not believe in Obama's unselfishness. The fact is that this project will be a boon for the Democrats. Obama's rating is low. A survey, conducted by the New York Times and the TV channel CBS, showed that 52 percent of Americans believe that Obama isn’t coping. At the same time 66 percent of respondents reported that, in their view, the situation in the country is developing in the wrong direction.

Dissatisfaction with his policies is projected on the whole Democratic Party. Therefore, the chances of success of the next Democratic presidential candidate in advance are threatened. But if the country will have 11 million new voters, it compensates all the failures of the Obama policy, because they are just going to vote for the Democrats.

Take the example of Texas - the state bordering Mexico, from where illegal immigrants are flowing in the United States. From time to time the local people support Republicans in the presidential election: in 2012 - 57.17 percent for Mitt Romney (Republican), in 2008 - 55.39 percent for John McCain (Republican), in 2004 - 61.1 percent for George W. Bush and so on. According to Gallup, only 26 percent of white Texans currently support the Democrats (61 per cent - the Republicans). But there is mich more Democrats among Hispanics Texans (46 percent). It is understood that if the state increase the number of Hispanic voters, then the results of the Democrats will improve.

It must especially touch Rick Perry’s nerve because he may be the man, whom legalized Latinos may not allow to become president. In 2012, he was trying to fight for the seat of the head of state, and even was considered the favorite among Republicans for some time. in 2016 Perry once again is going to try his luck.

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