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America is getting tired of riots: Authorities calling to stop protests

06/01/2020 - 08:09

Residents and authorities in the United States seem to be tired of riots caused by the murdered African American George Floyd. On Sunday night in Minneapolis, where the riots started, the police first acted harshly, stopping rioters from breaking curfews. Calls for an end to the atrocities are now heard from both sides of the political spectrum and from representatives of the general public throughout the country, but there is no end to the violence.

Tony Webster
Tony Webster
Glows of fire and tear gas clouds hung over the USA: curfews were imposed in more than 25 cities in 16 states, and the national guard was also involved in some states.

Nevertheless, there was a turning point in the endless history of protests and riots of the last days: the authorities seemed to lose patience. One of the first to react was the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. When a scene with a swept away fence and protesters knocked to the ground spread across social networks and caused a flurry of criticism, he reacted very restrainedly. “I will not blame the officers faced with an absolutely incredible situation. People who blocked the road to the car themselves did the wrong thing, creating a hopeless situation. I would like the officers to do something different, but let's look at the situation from the very beginning. The protesters, without any doubt, should not have surrounded the police car,” the mayor said. He threatened everyone who took to the streets to attack police and ordinary people: "You will be arrested."

The mayor of Minneapolis said his strongest no to protests as well. As early as Friday evening, the police retreated in front of the rioters who violated curfew. As a result, the troublemakers staged a real fight on Lake Street (one of the central shopping streets), plundered many shops and set up several fires.

However, everything was different on Saturday evening: the police, supported by colleagues who arrived from the suburbs, took to the streets in full protective uniforms to stop the rioters. Even peaceful protesters who came to the police station, where a staff member accused of the murder of George Floyd worked, were called to disperse, citing a curfew imposed in the city. The calls were unsuccessful, and so tear gas, stun grenades and batons went into action - the police, moving along the wall, quickly cleared the streets, arresting several dozen people overnight. Local residents also helped them - they went out in advance to protect their property, some with firearms in their hands.

Calls for peace are also heard from politicians. In addition to Donald Trump, who praised the national guard for its actions in Minneapolis and urged to respond to the protests, Joe Biden also spoke out. “The past few days have demonstrated: we are a nation furious with injustice. Every conscientious person can perceive all the soreness of the trauma experienced by people with a different skin color in America - from everyday harassment to terrible violence, such as the terrible murder of George Floyd,” the politician stated.

The democrat said that it is right to protest against violence, but violence is an inappropriate method for this. “The act of protest itself should not be more important than the reason for the protest. It should not turn people away from the noble goal that this protest should achieve,” Mr. Biden said. He did not fail, however, to recall the upcoming six months later elections, promising, in case of victory, to establish an active dialogue on police violence and on the relationship of law enforcement officers with the people.