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Amazon to lay off 9,000 employees

03/21/2023 - 10:17

According to a statement from the company’s CEO Andy Jassy posted on Amazon's website, the online retailer plans to lay off 9,000 workers. The layoffs will primarily affect the cloud computing platform AWS, the People, Experience and Technology (PXT) division, which handles human resources, the advertising department, and the Twitch division.

Noah Kalina
Noah Kalina
"We are writing to declare that we aim to eliminate about 9,000 more positions in the coming weeks, mostly in AWS, PXT, the advertising division, and Twitch. We completed the second phase of our operating plan ("OP2") last week," reads the statement.

Jassy points out that the cost-cutting measures are being taken in the face of impending economic instability and unpredictability.

The CEO adds that various solutions, including laying off workers or, on the other hand, creating new openings, were suggested by internal company departments during the situational assessment. Earlier in January, the business reportedly had to lay off 18 000 employees, and at the conclusion of the second stage of planning in March, the company reportedly had to eliminate 9 000 additional positions.