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Amazon invents palm scan payment technology

09/30/2020 - 03:27

Amazon showed a device that will allow paying for purchases and enter stores, offices or stadiums by simply showing your palm. The company says palm recognition is a more private way of identifying, because a photo of a palm will not identify a specific person.

Amazon introduced the Amazon One device with palm reading technology. The company calls this new way of contactless payment and person identification fast and convenient.

To scan the palm, a person must bring it to the device and hold it for 1-2 seconds. People do not have two identical palms, so the company's technologies read the individual characteristics of each and identify a person by them. This method can be used, including at checkpoints, for example, to stadiums or offices, which are allowed to access people with tickets or passes, notes Amazon.

From September 29, the devices will appear at the entrance to two Amazon Go branded stores in Seattle (where the company's headquarters is located). Registration will take less than a minute: you will need to insert a bank card into the device, raise your palm, and the computer will link the image of your palm to a specific account. No Amazon account required. You can add both palms or just one. 

After that, access to the store does not require the Amazon app or the help of an employee - you can walk by raising your palm. Palm images are not stored on the device: Amazon promises that they will be stored securely in the company's cloud services. Your palm data can be deleted upon request. Amazon plans to transfer technology to other companies as well.