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Amazon employees start protesting in Germany

12/22/2020 - 04:35

Employees of Amazon, the company by the world's richest man Jeff Bezos, started a strike in Germany over dissatisfaction with working conditions. This was reported by the Verdi union.

The strike is due to last until 24 December. About 1,700 people will take part, according to the union. 

Employees are protesting that the corporation continues to build up its billion-dollar profits but refuses to pay employees in line with the terms of the collective agreement.

The union said the workers are under a heavy workload, which could be bad for staff health in a pandemic. Employees are demanding a pay rise. 

Amazon representatives said the workers were being paid decently.

In September, the Open Markets Institute, an advocacy organisation, accused the company of spying on its own employees. 

The system tracks staff work and movements and monitors the amount of time spent on the job. At the end of a shift, each employee is checked for theft.