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Amazon becomes the world’s most expensive brand, surpasses Apple

01/18/2023 - 09:30

Despite losing $51 billion in value from last year's ranking, one of the biggest online merchants in the world, Amazon, was named the most expensive brand in the Brand Finance Global 500. The former top, Apple, has seen even greater price declines.

Elliott Brown
Elliott Brown
The press release stated that despite a 15% decline in brand value from $350.3 billion to $299.3 billion, Amazon "regained its title as the world's most expensive brand."

With a brand worth of $297.5 billion as opposed to $355.1 billion last year, Apple slid to second position.

Aside from that, the top five has remained the same since last year: Google ($281.4 billion), Microsoft ($191.6 billion), Walmart ($113.8 billion).

After Twitter and Snapchat were removed from the ranking, there were 48 technological businesses remaining, down from 50. Tesla (ranked ninth with 66.2 billion dollars) and BYD were mentioned as two of the brands with the fastest rising market share (199th place).


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