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Amazon Prime Video Streams Up with JetBlue

05/05/2015 - 17:25

Amazon Prime’s users will have free and unlimited access to thousands of Amazon movies and TV episodes during flight.

PDX Aviation - HD(ish) Plane Spotting via youtube
PDX Aviation - HD(ish) Plane Spotting via youtube
Amazon combines with JetBlue to make their clients’ future flights a little more interesting. The  e-commerce company will bring its collection of movies, TV shows, digital books, music and applications for some JetBlue flights later this year, the company said on Tuesday. In particular, the video and music services are free and unlimited for Amazon Prime members, although all the passengers will have access to lease or purchase the video, music or applications through Amazon.  
The announcement marks the first time when Amazon has partnered with the airline for such a service. The new partnership will significantly increase the amount of available entertainment on these flights, particularly to Amazon Prime members. Currently, JetBlue flights - which fly in the US and parts of Latin America - offer free 36 channels of DirecTV as well as handful of movie rentals for $ 5 on longer flights.
- We will raise the bar in the airline's entertainment, said Michael Paull, vice president of digital video on the Amazon, in the statement. The deal illustrates how Amazon is aggressively trying to bring their digital services wherever possible to draw in more customers to its online music, applications, and video stores away from competing services offered by Google, Apple and others. Amazon also worked hard to make a prime party service that provides a free two-day shipping and other benefits for $ 99 a year, a big draw because Prime customers tend to buy more products from the company.  

Video and audio streams are used in JetBlue’s Fly-Fi, the satellite communications working on the Internet, which is now available on certain JetBlue flights. Fly-Fi is free for the slower speed of the main level of browsing the Internet and paid version has faster speed level for video streaming. However, thanks to the new partnership, Amazon Prime customers will be able to have access to Amazon content for free. Customers still probably want to use a paid tier, Fly-Fi Plus, when streaming video on other streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix. Access to the library of entertainment to be built in Amazon JetBlue Fly-Fi hub that allows customers to access the content without having to download video or music before the flight. Premier customers will have access to tens of Prime Instant Video, thousands of movies and TV shows for free, as well as more than a million songs through the prime of music. All JetBlue customers can purchase and download songs from Amazon music store, e-books from the Kindle Store, as well as games and applications from the Amazon Appstore. They can also earn JetBlue’s points TrueBlue, when they shop for specific categories of the Amazon, and through the JetBlue flight promotions.