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Aitoro Airplanes Bags The First ‘Green Business Designation’ Award In The City

04/25/2015 - 14:57

Norwalk’s Aitoro Airplanes receiving the first “Green Business Designation” award in the city, inspires the entire city to walk in the same footsteps creating more “environmental footprints”.

Norwalk, Fairfield County, U.S. – 24 April 2015 – Chris Bosak, a staff writer of the hour, informs that Aitoro Airplanes has won the “Green Business Designation by Live Green CT”. The said company is the first ever to receive such honour title in the city.
Aitoro Airplanes is a “family-owned business” which was designated the “highest level, Platinum” at a showroom of the company, situated on the “Westport Avenue”. During the ceremony of "green ribbon cutting", the award was handed over to Tony Aitoro by the founder of “Live Green CT”, Daphne Dixon, who also ‘honoured’ the city of Norwalk “for its green achievements”.  He said:
"The Green Business Designation has started in Norwalk. Aitoro is the first one. Tony (Aitoro) is incredible with the things he's done for sustainability. We may have to make a new category for him. He's platinum plus."
Aitoro’s sustainable “green initiative” has designed a variety of energy-efficient products along with “an electric car charging station” which is situated at the parking lot of the company. The Hour writes:
“The Green Business Designation was created by Wilton Go Green. Live Green CT!, with the blessing from Wilton Go Green, is spreading the concept statewide.”
The award ceremony also saw a launch of “the expanded focus of Live Green CT”, a non-profit making organisation, which will focus more and more on “green education” by granting recognition to “green efforts” made “throughout the state”. Dixon adds:
"Ultimately the goal is to be the trusted source of sustainability in the state. In the last 10 years it's been so confusing with so much information out there. I want to create a source in which good projects can be shared."
The founder also made an announcement in regard to their “annual Live Green Festival” which will be held in the month of September. She informed that Yvonne Hickey from Xerox and Hilton Garden’s Irene Dixon will take the post of “co-chairwomen of the upcoming Live Green CT” festival the venue of which will be “at Taylor Farm in Norwalk”. The event will provide platforms to “green vendors” and live musicians. Dixon says:
"I know they will bring so much joy and excitement to the festival," Daphne Dixon said. "They are both such wonderful and genuine women. It's really an honor to have them as co-chairs."
Furthermore, she notifies that along with Norwalk, there are total seven “communities” in the County of Fairfield that received recognition for their “leadership(s)” in the field of sustainability from “Live Green CT”. The other six communities to be honoured for their “green efforts” are namely Wilton, Fairfield, Ridgefield, Stamford and Westport. As per Dixon:
"Norwalk has really stepped up in sustainability and energy efficiency.”
Moreover, the Mayor of the city, Harry Rilling, expresses his eagerness in developing “environmental footprint(s)” through various “recycling programs”, exploring further with solar energy, along with retro-fitting city buildings”. He says:
"I'm proud that we have taken a major step forward in helping Norwalk take the lead in terms of energy saving and ways to help the planet”.
According to Dixon through minor changes such as the installation of solar panels on the roof can ignite the collective green effort towards sustainability. She further encourages local businessmen to join in “the Green Business Designation”, by saying:
"At the heart of the matter people really do care and want to see positive changes.”