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Airbus: We will not be able to reach projected aircraft deliveries in 2022

12/07/2022 - 09:38

According to a press release from the firm, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus won't be able to meet its anticipated level of deliveries in 2022.

Roger Green
Roger Green
"Given the 68 aircraft delivered in November and the difficult operating climate, Airbus feels it will be impossible to meet its target of 700 deliveries by 2022. No major deviation from the aim is anticipated in the final figure," the business declared in a statement.

Nevertheless, compared to October, Airbus' November deliveries grew by eight planes, or 13%, to 68 units. The company's website lists 565 aircraft as having been delivered since the year's beginning.

In monthly terms, the company's orders for the previous month decreased by 6.1 times to 29 aircraft. As a result, the total number of aircraft ordered since the year's commencement rose to 1,062.