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Air India in talks with Airbus and Boeing to purchase new aircraft

11/22/2022 - 15:32

Air India is negotiating purchases of new aircraft with Airbus and Boeing.

Matti Blume
Matti Blume
The Tata Group-owned airline Air India is discussing new aircraft orders with Boeing and Airbus while also utilizing leasing and renovation to meet its immediate needs, said the airline’s CEO.

Campbell Wilson, the airline's CEO, stated at a Tata corporate event in Mumbai that "we are in extensive conversations with Boeing, Airbus, and engine makers contemplating a historic order for the next generation of aircraft that would fuel the medium to long term expansion of Air India's company."

Air India intends to grow its fleet and international network in order to increase its market share to 30% on both domestic and international routes over the following five years, he said.

Air India is close to deciding on a $50 billion purchase on a price list that it plans to split between Airbus and Boeing, as industry sources indicated in July.