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Air Canada will lay off up to 60% of employees

05/18/2020 - 02:59

The largest Canadian airline Air Canada announced that it has decided to reduce the number of employees by up to 60% in order to save money and distribute the workload while reducing traffic soon.

Brian Bukowski
Brian Bukowski
According to company estimates, from 19 thousand to 22.8 thousand out of 38 thousand employees will be downsized. 

The company’s management decided on massive reductions due to restrictions related to the novel coronavirus. People are now flying less. The number of Air Canada flights was reduced by 95%, 225 of the company's aircraft are idle. The cuts will begin on June 7th.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) said it is in the final stages of negotiations with Air Canada on mitigation and other issues.

A union that protects the interests of the company's flight attendants will ask them to shorten their working hours, go on vacation for up to two years, or quit with the privilege of flying.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic actually halted air travel. An unprecedented number of flights around the world has been canceled. Airlines have to look for ways to compensate for their losses.


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