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70% of Silicon Valley employees report burnout at remote work

10/19/2020 - 06:27

The majority of Silicon Valley employees (68%) said they felt more exhausted than when they worked in the office before the coronavirus pandemic.

This was reported by the Business Insider portal with reference to the Blind service’s survey. Over 3,000 employees of Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook participated in the survey.

Compared to the February survey, the percentage of respondents who reported burnout at work increased from 61% to 68%. Most of them work for Facebook (81%) and Google (79%).

Around 60% of employees said they had been working longer than before the pandemic. 67% and 70% of their employees reported about it in Amazon and Microsoft, respectively, and there were half of them in Google and Facebook. 

The respondents said that they had problems with work/life balance and video chat fatigue.