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7 signs that it's time to fire you

02/14/2020 - 08:41

Sometimes it’s worth to take a detached look to understand how close you are to dismissal. Having soberly assessing yourself, you can figure out causes of conflicts in the office, start looking for another job, or show off in the new way.

1. You do not share ideas and findings so that no one can steal them

Of course it’s reasonable: you leave all the best to yourself. But there is a problem. If your ideas are stored somewhere deep in the drawer of the table, then consider that you have none of them. You have zero ideas. If you do not check your findings, then you cannot know if they are good. In addition, no one knows about your ingenious plans, which means that a non-initiative employee will be as soon as there is a suitable candidate for replacement.

2. You can’t cope with your duties

It’s trite to say so but this is one of the most common reasons for dismissal. Your duties fall on the shoulders of colleagues, and they will not tolerate this for long. They will file a complaint, substitute you - whatever you want to be fired as soon as possible.

3. You lack emotional competence

Previously, it was enough to stay away from open conflicts to be considered an adequate person. Now, a hastily thrown word can provoke the dismissal of even a valuable employee. If you don’t know how to control yourself, you don’t have empathy, you don’t care what kind of feelings you evoke from colleagues, you probably lack emotional competence. 

4. “Not our man”

Sometimes the reason for dismissal can be ephemeral, for example, because the employee is “not our person”. The signs of belonging to a particular group are individual for each company, but you can feel for yourself that you do not fit into the team: you do not understand their jokes, you are not invited to meetings, you do not share the company’s values , after all. All this can lead to an attempt to oust you from the team in order to find a colleague-in-spirit.

5. You closely communicate with competitors

Such an employee will always trigger the question: “Is he/she leaking information?” Agree, it is difficult to trust you if in the evenings you hang out in a bar with a friend from a competing company.

6. You do not know your KPI

KPIs are key performance indicators. If you do not know them, then you cannot evaluate results of your work. The fact that you are killing your own career with your indifference is your own business. But you still cause damage to others. In the end, you will leave employers without money, and colleagues - without well-paid jobs. The introduction of KPIs is fiercely resisted in all companies, because KPI is responsibility, and not everyone loves it.

7. You are bored

Any stage of a career is also another stage of development. If you have nothing more to learn in this team, if you feel that you are starting to become muddy, then neither pay growth, nor a social package, nor even a preferential schedule will help. This will only delay the dismissal. Most likely, it will happen on your initiative, and if not, then sooner or later the results will speak for themselves.

Based on "Working With Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman

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