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Work, You're My Obsession

07/21/2015 - 05:55

This article is more meant for workaholics. Almost every company has at least one person who constantly talks about work.

Some look at it with indulgence, but more often, it causes irritation. This is annoying for at least three reasons:

•    The interviewer is not competent in the subject of conversation. If you work in a high-tech, IT or another specific industry or position, understanding the essence of your work simply requires special knowledge/education. During the discussion of the working process with the ignorant person, you have a high risk to remain misunderstood. Your companion is not required to understand and try to get to the core of your business. Therefore, do not make him feel like an amateur. Nobody likes those "smarty-pants".
•    No interest in the interlocutor. Remember: even if you are a guru in your field - not everybody wants to hear about your work! Our friends love us for what we are, not for our professionalism. Keep it simple!
•    Lack of interest to the interlocutor. When you talk about your work, you're talking about yourself. The person you are talking to begins to feel your limitations (which, in principle, does not exclude the share of admiration for you as a professional) and cannot see your interest in his person, which is very important when communicating.

Such a significant narrowing of the range of interests is usually called obsession.

Why do people speak about their work?

•    If the job is a hobby. Enthusiastic person is hardly can be called obsessed – however, it’ true to some extent, especially if we are talking about a workaholic. A workaholic is proud of their hard work, not realizing that his behavior is basing on the obsession. Usually, from the very childhood they instilled the idea that the most important thing in life is the work and responsible performance of their duties; those who grew up next to the example of "I wouldn’t like to be such a person", for example, alcoholic father; and those who did not arrange their personal lives, and intensive work is used as a way to escape from reality, an escape from solving problems. Moreover, such a person has a family, it is only the dim background.

•    "Show your professionalism." We are all looking for respect and recognition. According to some, to show their competence and high availability mean show others that their chances of success are very high, so they are better. It’s just a way to amuse the vanity. Interesting fact: not all workaholics become successful. There are "workaholics losers" - people who do totally unnecessary, unclaimed work, compliance with the maximum detail and because of that not being able to cope with the task as a whole.

•    Report the problem. If a person talks about working for the sake of whining – there’s no even a shadow of workaholism. One is simply dissatisfied with the situation and gives vent to his emotions and seeking moral support from friends (anger, irritation, self-pity, and others). This happens with almost all, but some go too far, making it the main topic of communication.

All this implies a limited thinking and lack of perception of various aspects of life.

There is a term «open-minded», which describes the ability to listen to the other person and, if necessary, to take their point of view, to change. It is, in general, does not mean the desire to be interested in something other than work, but implies it. The phrase is applicable to people who are not limited in their views by some conservative beliefs or stereotypes. These people can make a pleasant companion with them is always interesting and there is no stress. I think everyone should seek to acquire such traits.

If you recognize yourself in this article, try to understand why you are so jammed in the workplace. It may be the subject for the study of your unconscious. Get rid of the framework, become an interesting conversationalist, not only for colleagues, but also for friends / acquaintances. Add new interests to your circle (not replace, just expand it).


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