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US electoral vote confirms Biden's election

12/15/2020 - 03:14

The electoral vote has confirmed the election of Joseph Biden as president of the United States. The results of the state-by-state vote show this.

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
The Democratic candidate has secured the support of all 55 electors from California, thus gaining more than the 270 votes needed to be elected. Of the 538 votes, Biden already gets 302, while the incumbent Republican candidate Donald Trump gets 232.

Hawaii is expected to vote for Biden soon with four electoral votes, and the score will be exactly what the media have been predicting for weeks: 306 to 232.

All of the states where Trump contested his rival's victory cast all the electors' votes for Biden. Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania gave the Democratic candidate a total of 79 votes.

The electors voted individually in their states. The results are known at once and will be formally approved by the general session of Congress on January 6.

The election was free of "unscrupulous" electors, who would have voted the wrong way, as punished by the voters. In the last presidential election, there were ten such electors.

The vote coincided with two milestones in the country's fight against the pandemic - the start of vaccination of health workers with the Pfizer vaccine and the sad figure of 300,000 dead patients with COVID-19. The United States is also ahead of all other countries in the number of confirmed cases (more than 16 million). 

Biden also pledges to be President of all Americans and calls for the fight against the pandemic, as well as organising a support package for the economy.

Trump has not yet commented on the outcome of the electoral vote. Minutes after Biden won the sought 270 votes, he announced the imminent departure of attorney general, Justice Department chief William Barr. Barr has been defending Trump against numerous investigations, but in recent weeks there have been rumours of his imminent dismissal after Barr announced there had been no major irregularities in the presidential election.