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Trump predicts terrorist attacks in the US because of Texas’ border standoff

01/29/2024 - 02:42

Donald Trump, a former president and current Republican presidential candidate, claimed that the conditions at the southern border pose a threat of terrorist attacks on the nation.
He claims that the condition of affairs along the US southern border is the "worst state" in the country's history.

"Our border was the strongest and safest it has ever been three years ago in US history. We're in for a catastrophe today... Terrorists from all around the world are entering unhindered. The likelihood of terrorist attacks in the US is now 100%. The border needs to be closed!" - Trump wrote.

He also pointed out that a poor border agreement is preferable than none at all.

The immigration crisis has intensified the dispute between the White House and the Texas authorities. The state authorities are ignoring the Supreme Court's decision allowing the federal government to remove barbed wire from the border with Mexico.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared that the state's right to self-defense "is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal laws that contradict it," calling the wave of immigrants an "invasion" and accusing the governor of breaking his oath to "faithfully execute immigration laws passed by Congress."