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Thailand to introduce tourist levy from April

01/13/2022 - 06:14

Thailand plans to introduce a tourist levy from April. The country intends to spend the proceeds to develop tourist facilities and cover insurance for tourists.

David McKelvey via flickr
David McKelvey via flickr
Thailand will charge foreign tourists a tourist fee of 300 baht ($9) from April, said the government spokesperson, quoted by The Bangkok Post.

The official explained that the money will be used to develop tourist attractions and cover insurance against accidents or death of tourists. Part of the money will be used to take care of tourists, head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, told Reuters. He explained that the country was faced with a situation where insurance did not cover tourists and taking care of them had become a burden on the kingdom.

The maximum insurance payout would be 1 million baht in case of death and 500,000 baht for medical expenses. The fee will be included in the price of airline tickets. Options for a levy on tourists who arrive by land are still being considered by the authorities.

Thailand is currently preparing to welcome between 5 million and 15 million foreign tourists this year. Foreign tourists are expected to bring 800 billion baht (nearly $24 billion) to the country in 2020.