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Rohatyn Group Now Sub-Advisor for TriLinc In Their Latin American Chapter

06/02/2015 - 11:55

Rohatyn Group is now an associate or sub-advisor to the TriLinc Group for their Latin American investment ventures. The goal is to provide investment to SMEs of emerging markets along with developing socially impactful results., Los Angeles – 18 May 2015 – Business Wire informs that the Rohatyn Group (TRG) has been signed on board as the new investment manager for TriLinc Global Impact Fund (TriLinc) to be its sub-advisor on loan investment by term scope in Latin America.
TriLinc is a globally known impact investment fund maverick dedicated to impacting economies in socially responsible ways by providing growth-stage loans for developing economies where availability of affordable capital is scarce. Impact investing is the kind of investment scheme where a specific objective, of getting high returns alongside creating strong communities, is followed. TriLinc usually invests on small to medium scale enterprises or SMEs.
TriLinc works globally with those investment firms as sub-advisors who are reputable and reliable in terms of advocating positive social changes while generating high returns. TriLinc’s high quality investment channels can reach various geographies and access a lot of target classes.
TRG, founded in 2002, is a market leader in asset management and responsible impact investment focused exclusively on emerging or developing markets. TRG is involved with managing of $5.5 billion worth of assets in sectors such as hedge funds, fixed income, real estate, infrastructure, private credit and private equity. With headquarters in New York, TRG has branches all over the world namely in India, Argentina, Hong Kong, Brazil, London, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico and Singapore.
TRG’s private markets business focuses on the institution’s developing market activities in transactions with developing-stage middle market companies with strong market value positions. On offer are positive returns, reputable management teams, strong market positions and strong cash flow basics. TRG’s infrastructure and administration skills are best suited to cater to emerging markets in need of investment assistance.
TRG’s Latin American Team (LACT) constitutes of four senior members, four very experienced members part of the TRG family since 2004. They specialise in debt structuring, sales and trading, institutional lending and high-return debt transactions. Their prior work experiences at leading investment banks such as JP Morgan, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, World Bank and BBVA helps them understand and predict markets better than most of their competitors. LACT has invested over $490 million in Latin America since 2004 in developmental projects especially in sectors such as telecommunications, retail, utility and the energy industries.  LACT’s aim is to create an atmosphere favourable to business growth for SMEs and increase substantial value of such for investors.
TriLinc’s management is assertive about their faith in the tie-up with TRG over their Latin America plans owing to TRG’s excellent track records in the past investment scenario. The administrative strength of TRG will help TriLinc achieve their targets at Latin American markets with more ease than any other channels involved.
TRG’s management reciprocate the same and mention that this partnership represents an unique opportunity for TRG to use its considerable asset management and emerging market expertise to work for American investors. TriLinc and TRG would jointly prefer to get high returns out of Latin America without compromising on the socially relevant effects they can have on the emerging economy.
About TriLinc Global Impact Fund
TriLinc is a limited liability firm, non-traded and externally managed. TriLinc is an impact investment company involved with SMEs in developing economies which provide opportunities for high-yield investments and also socially responsible business practices. In addition, the company also collects and tracks data analyzing social, economic and environmental impact of projects to find balance between progress and objectives met.