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Return of employees to offices slows down in the US

05/18/2023 - 17:13

The pace of US company employees going back to work slowed in the first quarter, reports Scoop Technologies, a company that creates and sells office software, quoted by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

In the fourth quarter, 49% of US businesses mandated that workers work only in the office, but that percentage has since fallen to 42%.

According to reports, businesses have already adapted to hybrid work schedules, in which employees perform a combination of shifts in the office and at home. Hybrid schedules, which require employees to spend an average of two and a half days each week in the office, are now the most popular one among the more than 4,500 firms Scoop Technologies works with.

It is observed that the low unemployment rate, which benefits employees more than employers, may aid the issue. Employees are complaining that they don't want to spend all five days at work, Robert Sadow, the CEO of Scoop Technologies, told the Wall Street Journal. "And the majority of businesses must adjust to that employment market climate.