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Peru imposes a state of emergency for 30 days because of protests

12/15/2022 - 08:44

Peruvian government officials have declared a state of emergency across the entire nation. The decision was made due to instances of violence and vandalism during protests, said Alberto Otarola, the director of the Peruvian Ministry of Defense, made this announcement.

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Copyright by MaxPixel
According to Mr. Otarola, whose speech was broadcast on TV Peru, "it was decided to declare a state of emergency for the entire country owing to acts of vandalism and violence, seizure of highways and roadways, which, of course, are already controlled by the National Police and military forces."

The legislation will be published in the official Peruvian newspaper on December 14th, Alberto Otarola noted. He claims that the country's army will work with the Peruvian police to keep the peace.

Peru's parliament removed President Pedro Castillo from office on December 7. Charges of sedition and power misuse led to his detention. Dina Boluarte was awarded the position of president. The country saw the start of protests as the power structure changed. The government announced intentions this morning, December 14, to declare a state of emergency to clear the country's highways.