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09/08/2015 - 16:08

In order to survive in a business environment, driven by digital technology, a salesperson must think and act more like a marketer. To succeed, salespeople need to take matters into their own hands and work more closely with the business marketing’s component.

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"The road to success in sales is thinking like a marketer and selling like a star" - says John Jantsch, creator of applied marketing and owner of “Duct Tape Marketing” brand. John has written a new book, “Duct Tape Selling:Think Like a Marketer—Sell Like a Superstar”, in which he proves the fact that tells sales superstars are those who combines the qualities of both sellers and marketers.

Below is a list of the most important ideas from the book:

- Today, a salesman have to develop skills of listening and use monitoring tools that enable him to stay informed and understand information, shared by existed and potential customers and competitors, better.

- The community plays an important role in achieving the ultimate success in business. Knowing exactly how the leaders of each level work, to what extent a company’s culture is respected, how a community within organization is formed, you can create even more value for the organization’s benefit. Even marketers overlook this area, although a better understanding of any seller could get a huge strategic advantage on the market.

- Content is one of the most powerful ways to involve all community members in a dialogue. Are consumers involved in the content creation? Do they receive sufficient feedback and comments from readers and users? Are employees connected with every level of content development?

- Live Community - the largest resource, which a business can have, as well as the greatest resource that can be owned by an independent seller.

- The secret to creating a sustainable process of attracting sales lies in understanding how to select customers, not vice versa. Although it may seem paradoxical, you need to clearly decide, whom you want to work with, and demonstrate why cooperation with you brings many advantages in terms of the unique value that you give.

- In order to determine your ideal customer, I recommend meeting marketing department’s staff and discuss the behavior, characteristics and distinctive features of the consumer, which you already know and with whom you want to work. Start by determining the types of customers you are not keen to work with - this knowledge can be just as useful as the idea of the desired customers.

- The way you sell is as important as what you are selling and who you are. All this helps to determine training, sales and advice suitable for you.

- We prefer to do business with people we know, appreciate and trust. In today's online world, building a trusting relationship means something entirely different than before, or at least something much broader.

- You have to think about the formation of online-offline reputation almost to the same extent to which any organization focuses on building the brand. When a potential buyer is considering buying, seller reputation, service providing, as well as the opinion of society, reinforcing this reputation, are becoming increasingly important.

- A modern salesperson must clearly understand and predict problems, the existence of which the market does not know yet. He gets this skill when helping clients think big and knows exactly how they make a purchase decision.

- It does not matter whether you want to re-sell to each customer or not. If consumers do not get desired and do not recognize the resulting values, you are, in turn, do not get recommendations!

- There was a time when a seller’s task was to determine what the potential customer is missing and provide him with a solution or at least information that leads to the solution. Now, the Internet has changed this problem drastically by turning the traditional act of selling solutions in a trade act.

- To ensure your sales department build up muscles and help the team to become true leaders in their chosen field, it is necessary to set a goal to improve the employees. You have to help your team become the first in the market.

- The best way to provide value to a potential or existing customer is understanding. More specifically, understanding through the ability to make out the business problem in the sense that once were a mystery to him.

- Direct the flow of impregnated marketing technologies to your advantage and become a company that truly brings value and reaffirms respect for every member of the community

based on Duct Tape Selling:Think Like a Marketer—Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch

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