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LinkedIn: blockchain specialists are the most sought-after

06/05/2017 - 14:53

Financial and technology companies are in dire need of specialists who understand all the subtleties of the blockchain technology. Over the past year, the number of job ads on LinkedIn related to this technology has tripled. At the same time, there is an acute shortage of specialists in this field.

There were only computer geeks acquainted with blockchain five years ago. Now, however, practically no major economic forum can do without discussing this technology. Its improvement involves all more or less large technology companies, and there are thousand potential ways to use the innovation. However, it's very difficult to find people who really would understand all the subtleties of this fairly young technology. According to data provided by the social network LinkedIn, the number of job ads related to the blockchain has tripled over the past year. Now, there are about 1 thousand such ads on the social networking site, and their number is growing by about 40% every quarter. Now specialists in this field are one of the most popular on the labor market.

"Professionals in fields such as cryptography and machine learning may want to know what positions are available now and what skills they need to pull up, given the serious increase in demand for blockchain specialists among technology, financial and insurance companies", said Country Manager for the United Kingdom Josh Graff.

Blockchain is a new way of storing data in digital form. In fact, this is a database that is stored on computers of the same network. The records can be changed only with the support of the majority of network participants (51% of the total computing power of the system). Accordingly, the more users will store the database on the server, the more reliable it will be. Due to these two properties, control is transferred to the widest possible range of persons, which makes it extremely difficult to juggle data and any fraud.

Initially, the blockchain was used in the digital payment system Bitcoin, based on the same currency. However, can also be applicable to record any transactions with movable or immovable property, or simply as a register. Therefore, representatives of absolutely different spheres of the economy seized the opportunity to use blockchain projects for its own benefit. Today, in addition to technology companies, representatives of the banking, legal, insurance industries, as well as retail, are involved in its implementation.


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